Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Western City according to Kevin Lynch

  1. The imaginable city
  2. Fosters pride through distinction, clear image allows the individual to feel the whole within them
  3. Linear relationship
  4. Skeletal structure: bones (path), joints (nodes), muscle tissue (districts).
  5. Understandable in map plan



Lines of vision and movement; channels and speeds movement

Military and ceremonial axes

Efficient transportation flow

Reinforcing public image of city and populous



Boundary or break in continuity

Acts to reinforcement of the path and delineation of the district

ie. Defensive wall

Represents subtractive nature of western cities



Area of a city with common identifying characteristics

Differentiation of social class, activity, building type creates the district’ and city’s identity



Convergence of paths or concentration of paths or concentration of activities,

Often demarks important public spaces, like commercial center, transportation center, ceremonial center, etc.



Visual reference points within a city often acts to reinforce the node

Defining elements on the skyline, like churches

Monuments and sculptures

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